Welcome Community to Our Blog about Social Deduction!

We as the Not For Profit Organisation Welcome you to come and blog, share your experiences regarding social deduction board games. Our Vision is to see our community grow and support each other! Have fun playing a style of game that allows most of us to do stuff we wouldn't ordinarily do hehehe. So please join me in Blogging about your experiences. Author - Julie Spellmore - Chair of Australian Social Deduction Group.

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  1. Better late then never my very much having fun opinion of “The Calling” if your a Werewolf fan… Blood on the Clock tower fanatic well then let’s see… in my opinion you will be thrown back by the fact you have no moderator… I truly find it fantastic element the designer has put in place in this game! Everyone plays! No app no tricks but it is a system that works… it is in play testing environment atm but that mechanic is not a worry but a Generous simple Mechanic that works… Yes it is being play tested only at the moment and so tweaks need to be done but it is fun trying to win which ever team your on. Balance is being in my opinion is what needs to be tweeked and will be cracked. I am so privileged to be apart of the process to crack the next nice egg of social deduction open! I love this Genre so much it’s just helps to play play play… all in all The Calling is fun that’s what I like about it. My blog?

    For your Chance to play “The Calling”


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